Fit Life

Finally, a solution for better health that is built around your life...not the other way around.

Fit Life is a 12-week program that...

  • Teaches you how to implement healthy lifestyle habits by educating you on the principles of behavior change, healthy nutrition and fitness
  • Guides you through a process that allows you to incorporate incremental and sustainable healthy habits
  • Provides a comprehensive approach to weight loss and better health
  • Serves as a catalyst for true lifestyle change.

Fit life is a lifestyle change solution that gives you a complete understanding of what it takes to start and maintain positive change, and how to specifically implement these changes in your own life.

Fit Life provides...

  • The most important, yet often overlooked component of living a healthy life
  • How to start and maintain healthy habits
  • Fundamental nutrition concepts allowing you to make good dietary choices
  • Exercise principles appropriate for your age and stage in life
  • Weekly workouts
  • Daily check-ins

How Does Fit Life Work?

  • Daily Accountability: As a Fit Life member, you are prompted to answer a daily “yes” or “no” question asking whether you completed the weekly habit the day before. This question is delivered either through email or via an app on your smartphone. TD Fitness will log and monitor your answers to those questions over the course of the program
  • Weekly Education: You will emails at least weekly related to one of the three categories of behavior change, nutrition, or fitness. These lessons serve as the foundation and educational backdrop for your weekly habits
  • Weekly Exercise Prescriptions: As a Fit Life member, you are given access to exercise options that complement your lifestyle change journey, and comprehensively address physical fitness through cardiovascular training, strength, core, and intensity training
  • Continued Support: As a member, you are are given access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get answers, and be encouraged through your fellow Fit Lifers
  • Habit Assessment: At the end of the program, habit compliance statistics are reviewed and you will be provided an assessment with directions and recommended strategies for continued improvement and growth
  • Lifelong Access: Upon completing the program, you are granted lifelong membership to the Fit Life Alumni Portal, which contains information on how to continue to implement positive and healthy changes in your life, resources such as habit trackers, and consolidated lesson booklets on behavior change, nutrition, and fitness

Program Content


Changing Habits

Learn how to change habits for the better by setting realistic and attainable goals, identifying obstacles, finding your true motivation, and learning how to stay consistent with your efforts. 


Dietary Assessment

Walk through the process for assessing your own diet. Learn how to smartly assess your diet, obtain accurate data, and identify the most critical areas of improvement. 

WEEKS 3 - 7

Practicing Dietary and Nutrition Fundamentals

Learn the basics of what you need to know about carbohydrates, proteins, fats, water, vitamins and minerals in this month-long block of instruction and practice. Each week will focus on a different one of these topics.  

WEEKS 8 - 12

Incorporating Exercise and Movement

From cardiovascular health, to strength training and flexibility...this block of instruction will teach you why each type of exercise is important - and when each is appropriate. Weekly workouts are provided throughout the program to improve your overall health and fitness.  

Take a Look Inside

How is Fit Life different from other approaches to a healthy lifestyle? 

Fit Life differentiates itself in five key areas: 

  • Fit Life requires less effort than workout videos and many popular diets because it is truly catered to your life. It doesn’t call for 60 minutes of exercise every day. It doesn’t require you to change the foods you buy and eat. Fit life takes your current habits, and gradually improves upon those habits making change more likely, successes more frequent, and most importantly, setting you on a path to continued success. 
  • Because the changes Fit Life helps you implement are less drastic than those offered through exercise videos and many diets, the Fit Life approach is more sustainable than other approaches. Sustainability leads to consistency. The truth is that many different approaches can work, but none of them will work if they are not sustained over a period of time. 
  • Fit Life is truly personalized in a way that other programs aren’t. Developed with health coaching principles at its core, Fit Life allows you to determine daily habits that are realistic and attainable, thereby allowing you to reach your incremental, short-term, and long-term goals. 
  • A key feature of the Fit Life Program is accountability achieved through your answer to a daily yes/no question. At the end of the program, you will be given an assessment of your habit history, broken down by week. 
  • Finally, Fit Life is indeed a permanent lifestyle solution because it provides something that other approaches fail to provide, yet is absolutely required for success…that is education. With 20 different lessons in the three broad areas of behavior change, nutrition and fitness, Fit Life gives participants tools that will endure. Workout videos may get old. Diets can get stale. Trainers will come and go. Gyms aren’t forever. But your knowledge endures, and you can take this with you wherever you go.

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